Is The Forex Funder A Prop Firm?

Definition of a prop firm or demo trading evaluation firm.

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In a prop firm, a trader is given access to a piece of the company's cash in exchange for applying their own market tactics and receiving a cut of any gains generated. Prop firms have historically been physical locations where traders with extensive expertise were hired or less experienced traders were taught how to become lucrative after investing a sizeable amount of their own cash during their initial training phase.

The Forex Funder differs from these kinds of businesses in the following ways:

  1. We provide the option for anyone in the world to sign up and take part in our evaluation program remotely for a sign-up price that is significantly lower than the typical in-person prop firm, hence enhancing the chances of success for all traders. This only leaves the most crucial factor, whether a trader genuinely has a lucrative technique or not, to be taken into account for enrolment in our program.

  2. Our company can perform risk management on all traders more successfully by giving them virtual balances on demo accounts. This results in a significant increase in the number of traders who can be successful on our platform at any given time.

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