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How Do Funded Accounts Work?

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A funded account is any account in which, subject to our Terms of Use and Customer Agreement, a trader may be entitled to compensation payable as a proportion of the profit made in their account depending on the Profit Split linked with the account.

After clearing one of our evaluation programs and completing the KYC/AML screening necessary to obtain a Funded Account, our clients are awarded Funded Accounts.

Please remember that a Funded Account is a fully simulated (Demo) account with real market quotes from liquidity providers in order to avoid any mistakes. A partnered proprietary trading business receives the trading data and copies the deals at its discretion using aggregated orders and proprietary risk management methods.

Disclaimer: Results from hypothetical or simulated performance have some restrictions. Simulated results do not accurately reflect actual trading, in contrast to an actual performance record. The results may have under or overcompensated for the effect, if any, of specific market variables, such as a lack of liquidity, because the trades have not yet been actually completed. The fact that most simulated trading algorithms are created with the advantage of hindsight is another issue. There is no guarantee that any account will or is likely to experience a profit or loss similar to those displayed.

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