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The Forex Funder Rules
I violated one of the rules, what's next?
I violated one of the rules, what's next?

What happens to your account when a rule is violated.

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If you violate any of the rules, your account status will be impacted accordingly. Here's what you need to know:

  • Upon any rule violation, your account will be marked as 'breached'. In your dashboard, this will be reflected as a "Failed" status.

  • In order to attempt another evaluation, you will need to acquire a new Challenge through our website. This applies to both initial challenges and funded trader statuses.

For funded traders, the process is similar:

  • If a funded trader commits a soft breach, it is recorded and the trader is alerted. While the account remains active, further breaches can lead to it being marked as breached.

  • In the case of a hard breach, or accumulation of soft breaches, the account will be set to read-only mode, and the status on the dashboard will change to "Failed".

  • Funded traders who have their accounts marked as breached due to rule violations will need to acquire a new Challenge to get another try at the evaluation.

It is crucial for all traders, whether in the Challenge phase or as funded traders, to adhere strictly to the rules set forth to ensure a fair and disciplined trading environment.

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