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Please be aware of the essential details regarding Stop Loss (SL) usage for funded traders at The Forex Funder. Adherence to this policy is crucial for effective risk management and maintaining a disciplined trading approach.

For Challenge Phases:

The use of Stop Loss (SL) is not mandatory during the Challenge Phases. However, it is encouraged to employ SL as part of a prudent risk management strategy and to develop a consistent trading discipline.

For Funded Accounts:

  • It is mandatory to use SL for all funded traders. Notably, SL must be set before initiating any position in a funded account.

  • The first instance of trading without an SL will be considered a soft breach. Subsequent instances will be treated as hard breaches, emphasizing the importance of this policy.

  • Implementing SL in your trading is not just a rule but a critical tool for robust risk management. It serves as a protective measure against unpredictable market movements and discourages over-reliance on bots or automated strategies that might lack comprehensive risk controls.

  • Contrary to limiting your trading tactics, SL complements them by providing a pre-established exit point for your trades when market conditions shift unexpectedly.

This policy is designed to support a disciplined and risk-aware trading environment. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated and is key to ensuring a successful trading experience with The Forex Funder.

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