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Certainly, traders can use Expert Advisors (EAs) and Indicators to optimize their trading techniques at The Forex Funder. However, each trader should make certain that their trading settings are distinct and tailored to their personal trading approach and profile.

While employing the same Expert Advisor or Indicator as fellow traders is acceptable, it's vital to adjust the configurations to make one's trades stand out from the rest.

There are specific trading actions that are not allowed on The Forex Funder platform due to their potential market abuse.

Example Strategies That Violate our Terms of Service:

  • High-Frequency Trading:
    High-Frequency Trading (HFT) revolves around deploying advanced computer algorithms and swift telecommunication systems to carry out a vast number of trades in a matter of seconds. The primary objective of this strategy is to gain from tiny price variations and leverage market discrepancies. Though HFT might appear attractive owing to its prospects for quick profit accumulation, it comes with considerable hazards and can negatively impact the market.

  • Utilizing Expert Advisors or Indicators:
    At The Forex Funder, traders are allowed to use the same Expert Advisor or Indicator as their counterparts. However, it's crucial to tailor the settings and configurations, ensuring their trades are distinct and not merely duplicates of others.

  • Replicating Trades from Others:
    At The Forex Funder, traders have the privilege to undertake copy trading from another account within The Forex Funder, prop establishments, or standard brokers, but only if these accounts are under the same individual's ownership. Essentially, you're authorized to replicate trades solely from accounts under your name.

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